High School Students Solve Nation’s Problems

1 Oct

Or at least they started to…

Last Thursday just over eighty Northport High School students were joined by twelve of our Democracy Fellows for the International Baccalaureate World School Symposium:  Dialogue & Deliberative Discussion of the Issues that Face our Nation and our World.  Completing TWELVE forums, these bright young students discussed a plethora of issues, including the future of higher education, the national debt, the economy, immigration policy, national security, and youth violence.

Our Democracy Fellows were incredibly impressed with the high level of conversation students engaged in.  Thursday gave us tremendous hope not only for the future of the project, but for the future of our nation!

Reflections from some of the participants on the deliberative process:

” This was so good to talk about as a group.  I learned that there are different options that I never thought about had we not done the forum…it helped me listen more to other people’s opinions.”

– Male Student, National Debt

“It helped me get out of my, ‘No, I’m right!’ mentality?”

– Female  Student, Higher Education

“Each person’s opinion helped us form and expand our own opinions…It allowed me to logically comprehend the views of the opposite political spectrum.”

– Male Student, Economy

” I was definitely a bit close-minded when I first started and I didn’t think it was even an issue around here.  But after talking about it, I now know that it is an issue nationally,  and even right here on Long Island.”

– Male Student, Youth Violence

“I’ve always accepted that immigrants are here but I never really thought about  immigration.  Now I’m interested in this issue…people in my group introduced me to other perspectives and views on the topic.”

– Female Student, Immigration



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