Debt Talks in Mepham

3 Nov

Last Thursday Mepham High School hosted our Democracy Fellows for three forums on A Nation in Debt: How Can We Pay the Bills?.  Below are some excerpts from the three discussions!

Moderator: “Who thinks that everyone should make sacrifices to solve the debt crisis?”

All 21 hands went up.

Moderator: “What kinds of cuts should be made?”

Participant: “Just about eveyone is against cutting social security; taking care of the elderly is something you can’t be against.”

Moderator: “But can you reform it?” 

12 of 21 respond affirmatively.

Moderator: Consider life expectancy since the 1935 adoption of Social Security.

Participant: “When I’m older, I’d rather work a few more years and have full benefits.”

Participant: “We have to reform.  It is not going to last by the time we are ready to retire the way it is now.”



Participant: “It is not easy to deal with debt; we need long term ideas to get out of it.”

Participant: “In the past, I gave this topic the cold shoulder.  Now, I want to see what can be done.  If we don’t pay it off, we’re doomed.”

Participant: “In this forum, everyone’s voice is heard.  You hear more than only Republicans and Democrats’ views.”

Participant: “I came in definitely for option two, but people convinced me that option 3 could work–maybe.”

Participant: “If everyone could have these kinds of communications without partisanship, we’d have a better chance of dealing with tough issues like this one.”

Participant: “This has definitely been a learning experience – especially sitting in a circle with open-minded people.  I liked taking it away from Democrats and Republicans to “We The People.”


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