Polydoros Sassos on the DDD Project

5 Nov

Polydoros will be graduating from Hofstra Univeristy with a BA in History in 2013 after only two and a half years of study.  In addition to his rigorous curriculum, he is a competitive athlete and defines his three pillars of life as his pursuits in academia, physical athleticism, and Christianity.

My experience as a Democracy Fellow at Hofstra University has been one of, if not the most, beneficial experiences in my life. Getting the chance to work with active students and professors has taught me the skills to address and observe the issues that are plaguing our nation with an open mind and an open heart. I have not only learned to interact with people of all ages and backgrounds,  but I have learned to engage them and the values they hold most sacred in life. The rhetoric and engagement skills that I have learned as a Democracy Fellow have been incomparable to anything else I have experienced at Hofstra University.

After I graduate, I plan on furthering my education in pursuit of a PhD in History.  But no matter where my career takes me, I am positive that the skills I have obtained as a Democracy Fellow will be used to the fullest extent, be it in the classroom, the political arena, or the private sector. My experiences with this project have broadened my knowledge of society, increased my love for knowledge and academia, and has made me a more active citizen.


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