Rachel Santos on Deliberation

30 Nov

Rachel is a student at Mepham High School and recently participated in a forum on the national debt.  Below is her take on the discussion and the process of deliberation.

As young adults in the United States, it is of paramount importance that we understand politics and have an interest in them.  While the poor economic state might not be a major concern for a majority of teenagers, it will be because we are the generation that will have to deal with these enormous financial problems. Not only did this program educate me on the current economic situation, but it enabled me to take on a new thought process.  I always knew this country had tremendous debt, but I wasn’t aware of all the possible solutions to the problem.  

My experiences in this program proved to me why it is so difficult to solve this issue because even around my own small class, there were many different opinions.  While I strongly believe in option two and believe we must immediately work on this issue and not spend money we don’t have, I was able to gain insight from my peers and see how other plans could work too and how the one I support does have flaws.  I am fortunate to have taken part in this program for I have become a more aware citizen and have a better understanding of how government operates.  In addition, this program can benefit all students because as we progress through our teenage years, we too, will have the opportunity to play a direct role in government.  


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