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Rocking, Rolling, and Registering!

17 Sep

Summer time is coming to an end, but our project is kicking into high gear!  Joined by Daniel Altschuler from the Long Island Civic Engagement Table, a non-partisan coalition of grassroots organizations working to increase civic participation in working-class communities of color in Suffolk County, NY, our fellows received voter registration training and a chance to learn more about LICET’s work this past Thursday.  In addition to Daniel’s talk, our fellows discussed personal and communal goals for the project and ways of achieving them.  Below is the product of our brainstorm!

Leadership Skills

Building Compassion

Rekindling Democratic Spirit

Importance of Participation

Restoration of Faith in Democracy

Learn Objectivity



Breaking Down Polarization

What are people already thinking about issues?

Inform Ways to Empower


Discovering Values


Becoming Better Student Leaders

High School Engagement

Politics Are Not a Spectator Sport—ENGAGE

Multiple Ways of Problem Solving

Learn and Share Perspectives

Community Building

Student Teaching

Learning Together

Widen Conversation

Foster an Equal Playing Field

More Educated Discourse

Broaden Perspective


Voting on Issues, Not Party Lines

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Moderation Training

31 Mar

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After eight long hours of training, our Democracy Fellows are fully on their way to becoming lean, mean, moderating machines! (Minus the mean part of course, all of our Fellows are quite amiable). Ranging from first years to graduating seniors, the room was filled with students committed to the project, and we could not be more excited for the upcoming seven months.  Stay tuned for updates, as a deliberative discussion is coming to a library or school near you!